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ORIKAWA cares about customer satisfaction. Our products are a result of a comprehensive design process to deliver value to our customers from both a style and functionality perspective.

Please get to know our products prior to placing an order. Some products require modification to your vehicle to install but most do not. This is explicitly stated on every product page. Take care to understand the requirements and your commitment to the installation of ORIKAWA products.

We are not a large company where our customers get lost between departments or bogged in fine print - Contact Us directly and we can work together to meet your needs!


We will work with you and go to great lengths to ensure our products meet the expectations of functionality in the product descriptions. In the event ORIKAWA is unable to provide a refund or replacement due to our Returns Policy we can still continue to assist in exploring other options such as facilitating aftermarket reselling opportunities.


​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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